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LiDAR scan of low valley in black and wh




To provide our customers with customised tailored solutions addressing their unique requirements in their respective industries. This coupled with creating an environment in collaboration with our clients that fosters continuous improvement, excellence, teamwork and growth for both parties.



We are committed to being one of the leaders in aerial surveying, film, and mapping services in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape Province by providing our customers quality product delivery and exceptional service. Parallel to this we are dedicated to uncompromised safety to our clients, the environment and our employees.



  • Excellence in delivery and conduct.

  • Uncompromising safety standards.

  • Fulfilling the unique needs of each customer.

  • Striving to exceed client expectations.

  • Continuously building our teams unique capabilities.

  • Uncompromising business ethics and integrity.

  • Championing exploratory thinking and innovation.

  • Building client relationship for life.

Our Team

Passionate About Technology Solutions

The Caelum Technologies team is made up of highly skilled individuals, all fueled by their passion for the company, our clients and our solutions. We operate out of the Eastern and Western Cape but serves clients across South Africa / Africa. Setting our pace with passion, excellent support structures and trend-setting leadership dynamics. 

We have offices in the Eastern as well as Western Cape, all run by passionate individuals responsible for various portfolios.

Dave profile photo
Dave Scott
Managing Director and Head of operations

Dave Scott (BSc, BScH, MSc) first got involved with unmanned aerial systems during his MSc research in the field of geomorphology. The topic of his research based dissertation is "On active layer processes and landforms in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica". Due to the nature of the research being in such a unique and remote area of the world it soon became obvious that a system was needed in order to collect valuable aerial data which could then be analysed back in South Africa. 

With the help of an RPA expert, they designed and built an autonomous multirotor which could withstand the harsh temperatures and conditions of Antarctica. The system was able to collect high quality photographs for the 2-dimensional and 3-dimentional reconstruction of the areas of interest. This allowed for the post-field work desktop analysis of the land and proved to be an indisputably beneficial tool in the aid of this scientific research. 

Since completing his Masters dissertation, Dave Scott has dedicated all of his time into designing, building and utilizing UAVs to create aerial images and 3-dimentional models. One of the key studies relating to past interests was in modelling of wetland systems in order to create better management and rehabilitation strategies.

Ashan profile photo
Ashan Fourie
Quality and Safety Offi

Ashan has a N Dip in Clinical Engineering from the Tshwane University of Technology and completed a Business Management Programme at Wits University. He also completed various project and financial management courses as part of experienced gained over the past 25 years. He has extensive experience in clinical engineering which includes technical servicing and operation of medical equipment.  Past experiences include establishing and marketing a successful pharmaceutical business in SA as well as operating and managing an international well established medical company.

Ashan is an avid outdoor enthusiast, a doting husband and father of three. He is passionate about technology solutions to collect valuable aerial data as well as the interpretation of the said data. 

Data Collection

We deploy our advanced drone technology to collect high resolution imagery

Imagery upload and analysis

We upload all imagery to the cloud and our experts analyze and prepare results 

Online interactive platform

The imagery and all issues are easily navigated through the online platform

report printout

Easily download, report and share to the teams

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