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Licensed Commercial Drone Operations

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Drone Solutions

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Thermal Mapping and Inspections

Turbine Blade Inspections  

Surveying and as-built

LiDAR Scanning

Geographic Information Systems

Topographic mapping

Coloured Point Cloud

High Resolution Orthophotos

3D textured models

Digital Surface Models

Volumetric calculations

Contour maps

Quarry plans

Precision agriculture

Industrial layout Maps


Company profile

Specializing in aerial inspection and surveying, Caelum Technologies offers cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industries. From infrastructure assessment to environmental monitoring, our advanced drones provide detailed data and actionable insights. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology and skilled operators, we ensure efficient and precise results, minimizing downtime and maximising safety. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and optimize their operations like never before.

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Caelum Technologies is focused on providing a wide range of services to our clients and providing them with tailored solutions to fit their unique requirements. Licensed Commercial Drone Operations with ultimate safety and insurance to our clients.


We have been devoloping our skills in many fields and we are proud to present a few of our projects here.


We dedicate many hours towards our research and development department in order to stay on top and up to date with the technology boom. We enjoy the challenge



A Coetzer

Project Manager
SS Marine

Thanks Dave 


Apart from saving me a lot of money, not to have rented a helicopter any more, your services were Excellent ! !

We will definitely in the future make more use of this technology and where possible your company.

The cost of these services with current equipment on helicopters  are just too expensive to use on a regular basis.


Thanks & Regards


Tony Ribbink 

Sustainable Seas Trust

Project: Video production

Dear Dave,

Sincere thanks and congratulations on an excellent job done under difficult conditions.


I like the imagination that you have used, the unusual shots, the thought you put into the production and  the right pace you maintained throughout, holding the interest of the viewer well.


Your positive attitude, conscientious approach and professionalism were welcomed by SST at a time when we were flagging and needed the injection that you brought. Thank you.


Many thanks again,

Warmest regards




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drone affiliations and governing bodies
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